The 4th Grade Lesson I Still Remember 25 Years Later September 01 2014, 0 Comments

With Back-to-School Days upon us, I thought I would share the most life-changing thing I learned in the 4th grade. This lesson was so memorable that I still get nightmares from it and remember it 25 years later! 

One fall evening, I diligently did all my homework, casually put my assignments aside, and went to go eat dinner and play!

I arrived at school the next morning only to open my backpack and realize that I had forgotten my Trapper Keeper with my finished homework at home! With my 4th grader apprehension, I knew it was going to be a terrible day! The teacher went from subject to subject collecting everyone's homework throughout the day and I couldn't even use The-Dog-ate-ALL-my-homework excuse because we didn't have a dog! 

At my elementary school, we had those carbon copies which the teacher fills out for each assignment that wasn't turned in. I went home that evening with not just one, not just two, but a whopping THREE yellow slips for my mom to sign! It must have been a record!

At home later that night, my mom taught me how important it is to prepare my backpack before going to bed. To this day, as I prepare my stuff each night, I get flashbacks to those 3 yellow carbon copies and how it changed my life. I never forgot my homework again after that traumatizing fourth grade experience! There are always things to learn from failure and that day taught me how to be responsible and prepared. As I got older, I started to add planners and checklists to my daily preparedness routine. Now, as a work at home mom, I start panicking if my trusty planner is not within reach!

What's your grade school lesson that you still remember as an adult? If you're a teacher, do you have ways to teach your students about being organized and prepared? Share your stories in the comments! :)