"I'm Just Grannie to Everyone!" September 06 2014, 0 Comments

The Finkie Kids and I had lunch at one of our favorite Nor Cal restaurants this week. When we were done eating and as we were getting ready to leave, a couple of lovely ladies at the next table greeted us. They stopped us to remark how well-behaved James was as he woke up from napping in his stroller, quietly colored with his crayons and ate his lunch. I thanked them for their kind compliments and felt relieved that we made it through another dining experience without disrupting anyone around us. With the Finkie Boy it's pretty much hit or miss and our dining experience all depends on his mood-of-the-moment! If you're a parent to a toddler and you've ever attempted to eat at a restaurant with your toddler (probably all parents!), you can most likely relate. 

Isla took it upon herself to introduce us as the Finkie Family, Finkie Kids with the Finkie Futons. Because I didn't want these sweet little ladies to think we had just landed from Planet Finkozoid, we ended up chatting for a whole 15 mins. It took me awhile to explain what and who this little spunky, enterprising Finkie Girl was talking about! It made my day chatting with Ms. Louise and hearing Ms. Bonnie say "I'm just Grannie to everyone!" I loved hearing all about their grandkids. The most heart-warming part was when Ms. Bonnie claimed that on some days, as an 83 year old, she wakes up feeling old. She only feels old on some days and not everyday! :) 

With Grandparents day this weekend, I would like to wish my grandparents in Australia "Happy Grandparents Day!"  Although we're far apart, I want them to know I think of them often and wish we could spend time together. I'm so proud to say they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this last July! Yes, you read that right... Sixty Fifth!!! Every time I talk to my Lola, she always, always, always says "I'm doing well!" and I admire her subtle, yet meaningful, example of optimism. When I was 9 years old Lolo taught me to always work hard, don't fear the competition, and in his words, "You must be the BEST!" They are an extraordinary couple showing our family and everyone the meaning of marriage, happiness, and success! 

Happy Grandparents Day also to Wowo, Wowa, Pap, Grammie, Grannie Fink, and all grandparents everywhere! 

Tell us in the comments why your grandparents are so awesome and what you learned from them!


Photo Credit: Sarah Rattenbury. Sarbury Photo/Design. Sydney, Australia