There was a house with lots of fluffy stuff.
The mother thought the kids had enough.
Stuffed animals were all over the place.
The mom thought, “There’s not enough space!”
She went to make a pile,
She found stuffed animals amount to a mile.
The mother knew she couldn’t take anymore.
“I’m making a storage case to win the clutter-war!”

It has to store soft toys, bedding, pillows, and more
It has to match the house décor!
My kids need a place to lounge & hang out,
“I think I need to go all-out.”
She drew and sketched all night.
She thought to herself, “It’s gonna be alright.”
She sewed to her heart’s content.
"There's a messy pile of toys to prevent!"
When it was finished she called her children.
They brought their soft toys, even ones that were hidden.
Fluffy toys were stuffed into the case.
Finally, the stuffed animals were not all over the place.

The mom was so happy at last!
The kids were having a blast!
They were lounging and having fun
Finkie Futon so it begun.
The mom in this poem is Susan Fink
This storage futon made her think
Other parents might want one, too!
So she made it in other hues. 

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